Timmy Hoovestol

Hey guys and gals. Welcome to the party. A little bit about myself. I am a navy veteran. I did 7.5 years, Pearl Harbor Hawaii on the USS Chosin and the USS Port Royal. Then 32nd street San Diego where i served on the USS Comstock, and Finally Yokosuka Japan where i completed shore duty to finish my reign in the navy. I am a bartender on the weekends and during football season. My favorite team is the Cowboys. I am a world traveler and love to dance and party. I came up with dirty dick wear business this year when a buddy of mine in Cabo, Mexico saw me wearing and socializing with the LUD DAT T-shirts and told me to start a business...and here i am. The Dirty Dick saying got started in military. I have used it as a term of endearment and down right funny humor towards me and other sailors. Its all about having an open-mind with this product and making it work for you. The pink, black and white colors are my favorite colors and gives Dirty dick that sexy appeal on anybody. Let me know if you need anything and enjoy my website.  

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